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Meditation Works With All Beliefs

Meditation works with all belief systems, unless of course you believe it to be a demonic or harmful activity. In which case you don’t understand meditation. It is ultimately unavoidable for any human to go their whole life without it. Many of us mediate daily and aren’t even aware we are doing it just because the label of the activity is changed. Every time you consciously choose to do something to relax or to cultivate joy you are in one way or another partaking in an act of meditation. Although this may not be the “Empty your mind” technique everyone classifies as the true definition of “Meditating” it is still nonetheless an extension of the experience. In my current understanding, none of the popular religions or belief systems have banned meditation or considered it a forbidden act. In fact, many of them are fully supportive of it (Although they may not know it). Prayer for example is a type of meditation in which you communicate with a higher force. It calms the mind and helps you cultivate feelings of joy, hope, power, peace, and so forth. It does not matter what religion you follow, what Gods or Goddesses you believe in (Or disbelieve in i.e. atheism), or what facts you have determined to be true in your life experience. Meditation is here to benefit all and does not rely on any of that for it to be an advantage to you. It is about journeying to the deepest realms of your being and exploring the endless depths of your spirit. It is about getting to know who you truly are behind all the layers, ideas, and concepts. It is about freeing the imagination and uncovering hidden truths that dwell beneath the normal realms of consciousness. Meditation will not interfere with your beliefs in a negative manner but might influence the dissolution of that which does not benefit your soul. Meaning, if you believe in something that is harmful to you or keeps you from experiencing harmony, meditation will help you change it. However, it is important to know that you are always fully in control. You are not strapped in for the ride. If you want to stop all you have to do is open your eyes and do something else. Meditation is not here to force you to do or become anything that you do not want to become. It is here to help you cultivate energy, align with truth, and explore deeper realms of your being in accordance with your will.

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Meditating With Music

Music is a very powerful tool when used correctly. If you are having a bad day it can completely change your mood from angry to happy. If you are running in a marathon, the right song can motivate you to push harder to the finish line. It can also make you very sad if an emotional song is playing that brings back memories of the past. Every human emotion that there is can be triggered with a musical composition, and that is just barely scratching the surface. The power music has on the human mind is undeniable. However, the question at hand is “Can music help me have a better meditation experience?”. The short answer is “Yes, absolutely”. If you are new to meditation, music can greatly help with eliminating all the distracting thoughts that appear when you begin to quiet the mind. This gets much easier to handle with practice but in the beginning it can be very annoying, and in my opinion music is a simple solution. Playing the right sounds can also have a very calming effect on the listener, so it is especially useful to those of you that are restless and have trouble relaxing into the experience. If there is a lot of commotion or noise happening wherever you are and you can’t find a good place to sit in silence, music might be an ideal tool for replacing all the background noise with something more peaceful and serene.

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