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The Power Of Affirmations

The greatest work of art you will ever sculpt in this life, is you. The tool we use to sculpt this masterpiece is the mind. Every second of every day we are slowly using our thoughts, intentions, and choices to guide our lives (Be it consciously or unconsciously). Affirmations, are self-guided conscious intentions, applied for the use of personal progression. Say for a moment that you are beginning to have a bad day. Instead of spiraling downward and focusing on all the negatives in your life, a simple affirmation quietly spoken to yourself saying “Today is a beautiful day, and there is so much to appreciate!” can instantly shift your focus to a more peaceful and joyous state of being. You will then begin to notice more and more to appreciate, and this joyous state of being then becomes your experience. Learning to apply affirmations to your own life successfully does involve asserting a certain amount of control over yourself, which will take time and practice to develop, but is in itself extremely rewarding for those that want to live in full accordance with their true will. You can set the affirmations as an alarm on your phone, a sticky note on your desk, or even something more permanent like a tattoo or a piece of jewelry that you have attached a certain meaning to, that reminds you of the self guidance you want to implement. There is also great use for affirmations in the meditation experience, as a tool to guide one’s thoughts and energy. However, as with everything, it is all about figuring out the method that works best for you, should you decide affirmations can bring you benefit.

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