Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

As you travel down your path in this spiritual journey it is important that you do not compare yourself to others. It is your path, your journey, and your experience. When you compare yourself to others it takes your focus away from where it is truly beneficial – your self. Take money for example; We may look at someone with a lot of money and say “That person has so much more money that me, what am I doing wrong?”. This immediately creates a feeling of unhappiness and inferiority by comparison. It can also pull you away from seeing the abundance that is already right there in front of you. Instead of defining your abundance by what someone else has, it would be best to direct your focus only on what you have. Block everyone else out completely. When you block everyone else out you create an extremely powerful shift in your perception. If someone has more or less than you, it doesn’t matter at all. Your worth is no longer relative to the existence of what someone else has or does not have. It might take some practice but this will help you be grateful for every little thing that enters your life (Or is already there) and help you to generate much more powerful vibrations of joy, happiness, and peace. (This also means don’t compare your present self to your past self.)

When I say “Block everyone else out completely” I do not mean to forget about their existence and ignore them. It means to stop using their path to define the greatness of yours. It is of course useful to compare yourself to others when it comes to certain things, but not in a way that cultivates negative feelings. For example; If you wish to get better at meditating you may want to seek out someone that is advanced in that field and compare yourself to them to see how much more you have to learn. This is in fact a healthy approach to the matter because you are trying to reach a higher synthesis of truth by aligning yourself with a goal that is personally important to you. Instead of creating feelings of inferiority you will create feelings of determination, motivation, and perseverance. It is not because you want to be superior to the expert or because you feel inferior, but because it is what you have determined as right for your own personal well being.

The popular phrase “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it” applies so well to this topic as well as many others. The important thing to realize is that it is your path. Focus on your happiness. Focus on your spiritual growth. Only compare yourself to others when it is beneficial to your advancement.