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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

As you travel down your path in this spiritual journey it is important that you do not compare yourself to others. It is your path, your journey, and your experience. When you compare yourself to others it takes your focus away from where it is truly beneficial – your self. Take money for example; We may look at someone with a lot of money and say “That person has so much more money that me, what am I doing wrong?”. This immediately creates a feeling of unhappiness and inferiority by comparison. It can also pull you away from seeing the abundance that is already right there in front of you. Instead of defining your abundance by what someone else has, it would be best to direct your focus only on what you have. Block everyone else out completely. When you block everyone else out you create an extremely powerful shift in your perception. If someone has more or less than you, it doesn’t matter at all. Your worth is no longer relative to the existence of what someone else has or does not have. It might take some practice but this will help you be grateful for every little thing that enters your life (Or is already there) and help you to generate much more powerful vibrations of joy, happiness, and peace. (This also means don’t compare your present self to your past self.)

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